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Invitation to make submissions placed in the National Newspapers

Public Service Benchmarking Body

As provided for in the second public service pay agreement under Sustaining Progress the Public Service Benchmarking Body has been established to undertake a fundamental examination of the pay of public service employees vis-à-vis the private sector.


Timing and scope of the examination

The Public Service Benchmarking Body will examine the pay and jobs of specified public service grades and will produce a Report containing recommendations on the pay rates for these grades in the second half of 2007. A list of the specific grades covered by this examination is available from the Office of the Body and is shown on the Body’s website * .

As in the previous benchmarking exercise that took place between 2000 and 2002, the exercise will be a coherent and broadly based comparison with jobs and pay rates across the economy. The Body will examine the roles, duties and responsibilities of jobs in the public service and in the rest of the economy and not just the pay rates applicable to jobs with similar titles, and superficially similar roles, in the private sector. 


The Body will conduct in-depth and comprehensive research and analysis of pay levels in the private sector on the following basis:

  • Overall pay levels in the two sectors as well as pay rates for particular groups  (such as clerical/administrative staff and technicians) and other identifiable grouping (such as graduate recruits);
  • The overall pattern of pay rates in the private sector and employments across a range of type, size or sector;
  • The way reward systems are structured in the private sector.


In reaching its recommendations the Body is required to have regard to:

  • The need to recruit, retain and motivate staff with the qualifications, skills and flexibility required to exercise their different responsibilities;
  • The need to support ongoing modernisation of the public service;
  • The need to ensure equity between the employees in both the public and private sectors and,
  • The need to underpin the country’s competitiveness and continued economic prosperity.

The Body will also have regard to the differences between the public service and the private sector and between the various public service groups within its remit in working conditions, the organisation of work, perquisites, and conditions of employment and other relevant benefits, including security of tenure and superannuation benefits.

The detailed terms of reference of the Public Service Benchmarking Body may be obtained from the Office of the Body and are shown on the Body’s website *.


Any persons or organisations wishing to make submissions to the Public Service Benchmarking Body in connection with this review are asked to do so in writing by 7 July 2006. Submissions should refer to grades and/or issues which are relevant to the terms of reference of the Body.


Brendan Duffy, Secretary,

Public Service Benchmarking Body,

PO Box 10552, 

Dublin 8.

Telephone:     01 6045460

Fax:                 01 6045716


* Website: 

The staff of the Public Service Benchmarking Body are temporarily located in 73-79 Lower Mount St, Dublin 2, but will move to another premises in Great Ship St, Dublin 8 shortly. The new address will be shown on the Body’s website