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Groups to be Examined

Public Service Benchmarking Body

List of Grades/Groups to be examined by the Benchmarking Body

Civil service:

Clerical Officer

Executive Officer,

Higher Executive Officer/Administrative Officer

Assistant Principal (standard scale)

Principal (standard scale)

Engineer Grades I, II and III

Prison Officer, Nurse Officer, Assistant Chief Officer, Chief Officer Class II and Class I, Assistant Governor, Deputy Governor and Governor (I, II and III)

District Inspector (Senior Clerk of Works) 


Health sector:

Staff Nurse

Public Health Nurse

Clinical Nurse Manager II

Clinical Nurse Manager III

Assistant Director of Nursing (Non-Band 1 Hospitals)

Director of Nursing  bands 1

Director of Nursing  bands 3

Medical Scientist

Senior Medical Scientist

Chief Medical Scientist


Senior Biochemist

Principal Biochemist

Workshop Supervisor/Instructor in Specialist Agencies

Social Care Worker

Speech & Language Therapist

Senior Speech & Language Therapist

Speech & Language Therapist Manager

Ambulance Officer (Operational)

Emergency Medical Technician

Professionally Qualified Social Worker

Team Leader Social Worker

Principal Social Worker


Senior Radiographer

Radiographer Service Manager II

Senior Dental Surgeon

Principal Dental Surgeon (P&E)

Senior Chef

Chef II

Clerical Admin. Grade III, Grade V and Grade VII

General Manager/Functional Officer

Senior House Officer

Senior/Specialist Registrar

Principal Medical Officer


Education sector

Principal, Assistant Principal, and Teacher in the Primary and Post-Primary schools

Lecturer, Structured Lecturer and Senior Lecturer Grade III in the Institutes of Technology.

Assistant/Junior/Below Bar Lecturer, (College) Lecturer, Statutory/Senior Lecturer,

Associate Professor in the HEA sector (excluding Associate Professor, NUI Galway)

Secretary/Financial Controller, Registrar, Head of Development in Institutes of Technology

Technical Officer in the Institutes of Technology

Technician Grades in the HEA Sector

Special Needs Assistant

Adult Education Officer

Youthreach Co-ordinators and Resource Persons


Local Authority sector:

Clerical/Admin Grades

Administrative Officers (Grade VII)

Staff Officers (Grade V)

Clerical Officers (Grade III)


Senior Executive Officer

Engineer Grades

Senior Engineer                                                                                                    

Senior Executive Engineer

Executive Engineer

Assistant Engineer

Graduate Engineer 


Garda Síochána

Garda, Sergeant, Inspector, Superintendent and Chief Superintendent.


Defence Forces

Private (3 Star), Sergeant Technician 5, Sergeant, Sergeant-Major, Captain, Captain (Dentist), Captain (Doctor), Commandant, Commandant (Eng.), Lieutenant-Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel (Dentist), Colonel (Director of Medical Corps).